Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Feet for the African American Community

 I am an anonymous writer. And I want to talk about a thing that I noticed out in the street and just throughout the web. There are a lot of gentlemen in the world today who has a thing for ladies with pretty pedicures. There's nothing wrong with liking a woman's nice pedicured toes it's quite attractive and it kind of motivates the women to continue to keep their feet in good shape. But one thing I noticed  - im not discriminating whatsoever - that a lot of the African American men have a thing for Caucasian, Asian and Latino women's pedicured feet.

 Makes me wonder, do Asian, Whites and Latino women even notice that the African-American Community are the guys that have the biggest crush on their pedicures. Do they get a pedicure just to satisfy this community? I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to do so as it is noted that the African American community lacks the proper things to make their Community successful and happy, why not? Now, if something as minuet as fresh pedicured feet can make people in this community happy, then why not spend your hard-earned money to make them happy. I don't want to talk long on this subject because I have to go, but ladies what do you think? Do you think you can satisfy this community, maybe get a fresh pedicure, go wherever you see a lot if them and just walk pass them with your open toe shoes and make them happy. Even if you don't have a sexual connection with this community just a small thing like French pedicured feet and walking to where they are at, can go a long way. You can possibly be a supporter of peace in the community as happiness can stop violence.

That's all I have. You guys have a great day. I hope that you ladies take this into consideration.

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