Monday, May 30, 2016

Foot massages are therapeutic for the provider - property of

The power of giving a diva a foot massage is real. Our daily life experiences can overtake us with fruatration, dissapointment, fear, pain and hate and many times we have no idea how to remedy these problems. Some of us reach for tobacco during these times, alcohol, a gym membership or the phone to talk with family, but sometimes the unfortunate feeling remains. How can we shake these feeling? How can we feel like us again?

 Little do many of us know, giving a diva a foot massage is a remedy for many of our attitude problems as men. Those tough work days that seems to leave a lasting negative impression, can be resolved just by giving a diva a foot massage. Sometimes it is just that simple.

Female feet are powerful. The scent, and the touch both affects the male recipient to alter their behavior in a positive manner, which can defeat the negative disadvantages we adopt throughout our day. The female feet carries and releases pheremones out into the air and some that are transmitted with touch. Believe it or not, although smelly feet may not be your interest, it releases more pheremones than non-smelly which is the better therapeutic choice for negative situations. It's like not liking peas, but you know you need to eat them in order to get the proper nutrition that they provide for a healthier diet. 
Touching a diva's feet releases even more pheromones, which increases your positive mood change. A foot massage is a therapeutic experience for the provider, and although smelly foot massages do not sound too interesting, it is the most therapeutic foot massage for the provider. The smellier the better.

This site is dedicated to the foot massage experience, but as a therapeutic experience for the provider. This site recruits the best divas who are not too proud to offer a foot massage experience for therapetic purposes that may require their feet to smell. At we do things differently. The receiver is the therapist and the provider is the client. Once you have given a foot massage to one of the divas here, you are sure to feel: at ease, more more confident and instilled with more self esteem. We will see you on the inside!

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