Sunday, September 20, 2015

Looking for ways to make money online? Check this out! Definitely something you would have never thought about doing.

So, their are tons of people who are unemployed, some male and some female. You, unemployed or looking for an additional income. What are other ways to make money besides: Writing articles, gambling, doing microwork, or freelancing web developing opportunities? We'll their is a way that you can make money online that people do not talk about much. Start a foot fetish business. Now I know this may sound weird but hear me out for a second. Their are millions and millions of people who are into the foot fetish lifestyle. From doms to models to just regular Joes and Julias, there are many who indulge. Now just think, if you got a hold of thousands of these millions,  to discuss business, you can become somewhat of a business man/woman with opportunity to make some money. These millions include, doctors, lawyers, investors, and other high earning individuals which if convinced will sped money. Now if you get the girls you can make a killing.

I'm offering you a platform to run your business. A website that provides all of the features to run your business and it cost you nothing. All I ask is for you to become a member and grow your business on my website, that's it. Does this sound like something lucrative? Well if you say yes, then, you can start by visiting here: Everything is set up their for you to succeed. We even have clientele there to get you started. So, what are you waiting for, make some money online!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Looking for new foot fetish clientele/customers

I have a platform for you to advertise and to promote yourself. offers clientele and many features that you can use to score more clientele. Members are paying customer, guaranteed.  I understand the professionalism of your dominatrix and modeling goals that's why our features which includes: photos sharing, video sharing, classifieds, IM, and chat are available for your use to communicate with your clientele. It is free to join as of February 1, 2017.  Actually everything is free for the time being but I can't guaranteed that it's ll be free 3 months from now. Please take advantage of this as it may be your last chance.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Girls who don't like their feet

Okay, so there are girls who hate their feet. Most of these girls walk around all girlie looking good and beautiful, smelling good, talking sexy but hate their feet. Talking about "I hate feet" "I hate the way they look", "they get dirty", "I walk around barefooted", blah, blah, blah! Well little do these girls know, there are guys out here that love those feet. They would lick the dirt off of their feet and love every minute of it.

I wish there was a way to convince every single girl in the world who hate their feet to let foot fetish gents worship them. They don't know that fetish guys can change their opinion about their feet. They'll treat these girls so good, they will convince the girls that their feet are pretty and give them a whole new attitude. We can all benefit from a girl with a better attitude!

  • Guys, i challenge you to find a way to find girls who hate their feet and once doing so, complement their feet, make them feel special, make them blush, do whatever you have to do to make them like their feet. We can't have girls walking around this earth, hating their feet, with foot fetishers walking around loving feet. We have the power, so let's use it.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

What if smelly feet was money!

What if smelly feet was our way of getting what we want out of life? To get a car, a boat, house or a plane, we had to let the seller smell your feet. And the only way to get certain things is to have the perfect smell for the seller. To prevent fraud, sellers are put through a test to ensure that they aren't telling you that your feet aren't the right smell just to smell them but honestly telling you that you don't have the right smell for whatever you're trying to buy.  This would be awesome, I think! Our feet are our way of getting by for survival - smelly feet at that. See depending on what the seller requires in their preferred foot smell, the buyer would have to work hard to get their feet to smell the way that the seller wants in order to buy a certain product. For cheap products that are inexpensive, these sellers wouldn't have much of a preference but for the higher prices, they would. The world would be so much awesome and probably more safe and violent free. We all can get rich if we work hard, pay attention to instructions and show up to the place where what you want lives. If I can create a world that everyone get's by with their smelly feet, I will!

Smelly Feet Are Awesome! I love Women's Smelly Stinky Feet. One of my favorite things in the world!