Saturday, November 8, 2014

3 Reasons why foot fetishism IS NOT WEIRD 

If you search the web about foot fetishism, you will find comments in regards to individuals speaking on the sensual aspects of female feet, in its  bare form, in sandals, pumps, flip flops, stockings, etc., in a positive manner.  Following those comments, you may find  a few other comments from guys/girls speaking on how weird it is to have a foot fetish, unless you are reading foot fetish niche websites such as,, and These sites deliver extraordinary experiences for fetishers that educates and satisfies their urges with photos, videos, stories and more. To a non fetishers this obsession may come off as weird, but actually, having a foot fetish is not weird at all, in fact it is pretty normal.

3 Reasons why foot fetishism IS NOT WEIRD

1) It is one of the top fetish in the world. puts the foot worship fetish #6 on its" 10 of the most popular sexual fetishes" list, and claims it to be the most common fetish of "the non-genital body part and non sexual objects:. This statistic exists in a recent  June 2014 post on "" (ranked 1,989 in the U.S) which is pretty good considering the fact that the very popular foot fetish website Foot Fetish Daily is ranked 87,164. Such rank validates the heavy traffic count, which pretty much validates the accuracy of information in subjected posts exhibited. also puts this fetish as the number 6 fetish out of 10. And claims to the fact that Men"ENJOYS" licking, sucking, kissing and biting women's feet ". And in addition, claims that a guy cannot date a woman if her feet are ugly.

Now, based on these two highly valid sources, that claims to foot fetishism's high ranking in comparisons to other fetishes, and stating extremely valid points in regards to foot fetishism in the respects to many men's approach to a woman's feet, it is basically proved that foot fetishism is common and practiced quite often and frequently by everyday men.

2) It is a great way to turn your girlfriend on. Although there are some women who are just totally against any type of foot play - which is a foot fetish guy's worse nightmare - or are extremely ticklish and really cannot accept foot play as a form of foreplay. Besides these issues that some of us guys may face, foot fetishism is a ticket to turning your  girlfriend on. Here is a step by step foot fetish strategy that you can apply to turn your girl on.

Step one - Make sure that your girlfriend is comfortable (pillows, cushions, position, etc.)
Step two - Start a gentle foot massage with her feet, in your lap, for about 5 - 10 minutes while making eye contact and showing interest in her feet , as in you wanting more and more. Work diligently on the balls of the foot, heels, arches and toes .

Step three - Ask your girlfriend about how she prefers the massage - harder or softer and oblige accordingly. Do so for five minutes  or longer and continue showing that you enjoy it. Make noises similar to mmmmm!
Step four-  Kiss her feet but do not use tongue. Just use lips at this point and do so for about 1 minute or so.
Set five - Begin to rub above her feet while kissing her feet, and if she shows any sign of enjoying more, begin to suck lightly on her feet with a little tongue involved as you're rubbing her leg and even the thighs. This instance should gear your following moves to get your girl completely going. From this experience, your girl should look forward to many more foot massage and foot kisses. You will do fine!

3) Its scientifically discovered to be biologically developed  through the brain. Brain areas that are associated with genitalia and feet are adjacent to one and other in the brain's body image map.The brain can cross wire the two, causing sexual stimulation from any form of  association with feet. Some may get stimulated by the sight, some with the scent and some with touch. Foot fetish, unfortunately, can still continue as weird, but, the fact that it can originate just from brain misinterpretation, should allow it a pass as typically social acceptable and not a secret.

Despite foot fetish criminals such as Calvin Presinal, Robert Van Wagner and Patrick Quinn, foot fetishism is not weird at all, in fact it is totally common -one of the most practiced fetishes in the world - and  creates a great sensual scene for you and your girlfriend. If you would  want to explore your fetish further, forget about those that claim the fetish as weird and go out and explore for yourself , but do so appropriately, do not be a creep and do not  get arrested.  There is no problem having a foot fetish. - Just another foot fetish site of of Northern Virginia

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