Sunday, September 14, 2014

How does these guys get these girls to perform foot fetish acts?

That's a great question. Every time I scout for new talent, I come across many posts online about, how some guy worshipped a girl's feet and then worshipped another girl's feet the day before and s forth. Maybe they are just lying but if they are not, me and I'm sure the rest of the foot fetish world would like to know, How do you get these girls to perform these foot fetish acts.

I've did a bit of research on how these guys get these girls to do it, and I really haven't found out how they've been doing it. A few may say that it is a friend of theirs and they just ask. Well yea that's no big deal but what about the guys who have no friends to ask, how do we get to get those type of girls. If you ask a random girl to worship her feet, you will probably get slapped and that's something we do not want. It's weird to ask random girls for a foot fetish date but what about the internet. I've done experiments online to see if posting ads about looking for a foot fetish dates would get me an actual girl that is into foot fetish, and it didn't. I either didn't get any replies or a bunch of girls offering me escort services. So how can we get these girls to let us worship their feet. This is a tough one and will probably be a mystery for a long time., and other websites for posting for this type of fetish, failed me for getting a foot fetish girl without having to pay and I do hope I find out how, so I can deliver to you guys the secret to getting these girls to let us worship their feet. But gents, until we find out the secret, you can always pay to get that foot worshipping experience. Email to get a foot fetish girl in your area.  If any guys have any ideas on how to get a girl to let us worship her feet, please share! Until then, here is a video by Danica Logan, taken from